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Exactic Take 5! eMeasure, SnapCam, cThis, atColor, Magnific


Version: 1.2

April, 2014

Full Release

1. Exactic_Install.exe

Installation Executable

4,618,224 bytes

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Zipped Installation Exe

4,590,841 bytes

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3. Exactic.chm

Compiled HTML Help File

3,650,716 bytes

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Which file should you download?

Installation Executable: (the files with the .exe extension) are the auto-installing programs and include the application and its help file. Download them to your Download directory and double click them and the installation will start.

Zipped Installation Exe: These are zip files containing the Installation Executable for situations where you cannot download an executable (.exe). Extract the executable using a Zip Extractor on your computer then double click the Executable to install.

Compiled HTML Help File: These files are available as a separate downloads in case you want to read the documentation before installing the entire program. You don't need to download it if you download one of the Install files. It is included.

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