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The Five Tools of Exactic


If you need to accurately measure or position something on your screen, Exactic's eMeasure function can do the job. With the closeup view you have pixel level accuracy with no guessing and no mis-alignment. Building a web page, designing a User Interface, just want to know how big something is? eMeasure gives you the tools.


The LaserFrame with which you measure is also the frame for taking screenshots. Unlike some other snapshot tools it is persistent and can be accurately sized and moved to cover just exactly what you want to capture.


The powerful cThis function of Exactic lets you create detaled illustrations of things on your screen. Need to tell a co-worker about an error in a spreadsheet? Capture that portion of the spreadsheet with the SnapCam then send it to cThis to add text, arrows, underlines or whatever else it takes to illustrate the problem.


When designing a webpage or user interface you might want to emulate the color of another page or even image. With atColor you can capture pixel accurate color values and send them to another application.


Is something on your screen too small to tell if it's just right? Enlarge a detail up to 25 times with the Magnific tool. You can even take an enlarged snapshot of the closeup view.

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