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Exactic - Magnific Magnify an area of the screen.

The Exactic Magnific Tab Page

The Magnific Tab provides you with a powerful magnifier for your screen.

Pass your mouse over the Magnific Tab and the floating magnifier glass glyph will remind you that the magnifier mode of Exactic is a tab-click away.

Select the Magnific Tab of Exactic and your mouse pointer will be surrounded by a one-pixel frame. The area inside the box will be shown magnified in the view box on the Magnific page.

You can easily adjust both the magnification level and the size of the magnifier box. As you change the magnification level and adjust the size of the magnifier frame the size of the magnified image will change accordingly.

Take a snapshot of magnified images with Alt-S and it will be placed in the SnapCam image list.

  • Take a Close Look: at anything on your desktop...

  • Size it Up : (or down)...

  • Take a Closeup: Save your magnified image....

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