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Exactic - eMeasure Measure anything on your screen!

The Exactic eMeasure Tab Page

The eMeasure Tab gives you access to a wealth of tools to measure anything on your screen.

Pass your mouse over the eMeasure Tab and the floating micrometer glyph will remind you that the Measure mode of Exactic is a tab-click away.

On the left side of the tab page are the measurement readouts.

On the right is a subsection with four different ways to measure objects on your screen.

At the bottom of the tab page are buttons for controlling the LaserFrame, for taking an instant snapshot and for three ways to save the measurements for use in other applications.

No matter what you need to measure on-screen, you'll find that Exactic's eMeasure will do the job for you.

  • The LaserFrame: Positioning and Sizing...

  • Versatility in a Box: Multiple measurements using the LaserFrame...

  • Precision Measurements: Use the close-up view for pixel level precision...

  • Triangles and Irregular objects: Measurements beyond your expectations...

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