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About: Our BetaZone

Inchoatus - Is est non perfectus *

In our BetaZone you'll get to try out new or improved products and help us make sure that they not only work right, but meet your needs.

When the time comes in our development cycle that we are confident that the software works pretty much as it should
that we can keep our promise of Do No Harm
we are far enough along in the documentation that you should be able to use the software without wanting to take a brick to it, We will usually first present it to you in our BetaZone. Those who enter our BetaZone and provide useful feedback will find their efforts rewarded.

Coming soon to our BetaZone:

  • ISPT - (the return of our famous periodic table software!)
  • EdgeWize - (a whole new way to manage your apps - we promise it's better than Windows 8!)
  • The Red Table - (It's not a spreadsheet - sometimes all you need is a nice table!)

To enter our BETA ZONE: Submit a request via Contact Us - General Topics - Ask a question or make a comment

* Phony Latin for "It's chaotic - it's not perfect yet"

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